Super Bowl 50: The One Without Roman Numerals. Anyway here's like $100+ worthy of wacky game and player props. Here's what I did last year. I'll update this post after the game. FYI: I like the Broncos getting points.

AND... WE'RE BACK. Your boy was a winner in the end.

Here are all of the bets I hit + what I put down and winning $ amounts:

• First Scoring Play = Broncos Field Goal +450 | $4 won $18 (paid $22)
• Lady Gaga: How Long Will it Take her to Sing the US National Anthem (From first note starts until she completes saying Brave)? = Over 136.5 seconds +105 | $5 won $5.25 (paid $10.25)
• Cam Newton: Total Touchdown Passes = Under 1.5 +125 | $5 won $6.25 (paid $11.25)
• Will Either Team Score in the Last 3 1/2 Minutes of the GAME? Yes -160 | $10 won $6.25 (paid $16.25)
• Cam Newton: Over 300 Rushing + Passing Yards +125 | $7 won $8.75 (paid $15.75)
• Super Bowl MVP = Von Miller +2000 | $5 won $100 (paid $105)

Obviously that last one was a biggie and pushed me into the black. Some other notes:

• Apparently there was some controversy about Lady Gaga's anthem ending. paid up right away, though. I would be pretty pissed if they hadn't. That is some bullshit if books are really not trying to honor the over.

• After a failed trick play in the second quarter, there was some confusion as to whether or not Ted Ginn carried the ball for a loss of four or was sacked. Initially, the Yahoo! Sports app listed the play as a rushing attempt, but at some point it was changed to a sack thus negating the carry (and my $24.70 winnings on the over "0.5 Ted Ginn rush attempts" prop). I'm honestly not too keen on the rules here, but I have to assume this stays as a sack in the record books :(

• I wish I put more than $5 on Miller for MVP. This was the first bet I made over a week before the game, and those 20-1 odds could not have been screaming any louder at me.

All and all, another successful props bet Super Sunday, which made up for the lackluster game somewhat. See you next year, football fans.


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