On SATURDAY 30 JAN 2016, I consumed five beers at three different locations in West Hartford, CT. Then, later that night I drank two more. These are the beers I drank:

BEER #1: Coriolis | New England Brewing Co. | @
Had this double IPA with lunch. Easily the best beer I had all day. Also the logo of this beer appears to be like a clipart elf being eaten by a dinosaur.

BEER #2: Strange Quark | Firefly Hollow Brewing Co. | @
After lunch we went to a different bar where I drank the first of two pints from this brewing company. I couldn't find an image of this beer's logo so that is just the brewery's logo. This was an IPA.

BEER #3: Photon | Firefly Hollow Brewing Co. | @
This Imperial Crimson Ale was second best beer of the day. After this, we went back to the first location looking to get another Coriolis.

BEER #4: Lunch | Maine Beer Co. | @
Believe it or not, the Coriolis had kicked at that first bar so we 'settled' for this IPA instead. Very good! Third best beer of the afternoon. The good people of Maine are extremely minimalist when it comes to labeling.

BEER #5: Black Hog Down | Black Hog Brewing Co. | @
After 'Lunch' we grabbed a coffee and headed back towards my friend's house (a ~2mi walk). We stopped at a final place for this brew. I enjoyed all these great beers of New England. They really know good beer up there from their elbows!

BEER #6: Pinner | Oskar Blues
Back at the house a couple hours later and the party don't stop. Had this classic can with some Kraft mac n' cheese.

BEER #7: Porter | Back East Brewery
Had to go back to Connecticut for the final brewsky of the day. #Fitting. Enjoyed this delicious can while watching the movie The Revenant starring Leonardo DiCaprio.

And that was my Saturday Beer Adventure. One of my goals in 2016 was to not necessarily drink less––although, I could see this happening for sure as a byproduct––but to appreciate what, where and when I decided to drink alcohol. Seven beers is a lot but it was spread across many hours, and I took a coffee break, and an extended late afternoon hydration break. I never felt 'wasted' at all. It was fun.


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