Why my novel's protagonist is named what he's named and the cosmic energy inherent in this baptism, i.e. why I gots to write the damn novel and why I definitely will hallelujah

Hello. I have written many things and plan to publish many books. But one form has alluded me up to this point: the novel.

This is all about to change, though^ . I am pleased as punch to announce the groundbreaking of my novel, The Man Who Did Things. The protagonist of this novel is Sam Namen. This name is an anagram for "Man's Name."

I was curious to see if "Namen" was an actual surname so I entered into this website and returned the above results. Well, you'll notice that one of them "names that sound similar" is the last name of a certain Saint, whom I just did a blog on.

This Saint is a character in the novel and damned if he wasn't a major factor in the first sentence, which I conjured before doing said web search! This is the cosmic energy I was talking about in the title of the blog post! You can't just 'write a novel' (that is impossible). Novels need to be exhumed from deep within. Any novel worth the MBs of the e-space it exists on was sucked out by the sheer grace of a force bigger than any worldly notion. This is the only religion I can get behind, folks. And my e-book will be on sale for $2.99 before you know it! Mazel Tov!