M A N I F E S T O  for  T H E   C O M I N G  Y E A R

• Time is meaningless
• That we accept this is essential
• You are reading a manifesto
• Via bullet points
• Better than actual bullets haha
• 2430519 is the pin
• Unlock the borders in your mind, unlock your dreams
• This will be short
• Because it is unessential content
• All content is unessential
• Figuring out your content hierarchies is key
• 2016 is the next calendar year
• Things will come out
• They won't be shared and they won't be released
• Animals are released
• Cookies are shared
• The content will roam free
• Because there is art in the content
• And time is meaningless
• It's very hard to write a novel
• I wonder if I ever will
• ____ ___ _____ __ ___ ________


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