This content is exactly what it says it is

This content is exactly what it says it is. This content is not trying to sell you a burger or reveal the promo code for your next Draft Kings deposit (literally any word, btw). This content presents a foreigner's (Frenchman?) plight as he falls off a suspension bridge in 'nature' ^. Go figure.

It's fine. Have a hike and fall off a bridge and film it with your GoPro™. Where would we be without our GoPro's™? I actually have a bad knockoff GoPro™ and it is the fine Polaroid™ brand. It is super lo-fi (non-HD core) but it was pretty cheap! But I'm not about to go falling off a bridge with it 'just b/c'. I feel like 2016 will be less about falling off bridges and more about visualizing a future with more jetpacks, thus negating the need for bridges in the first place.

2015 was the Year of the Selfie Stream Dream^, and it came to find itself at a critical point of mass overload. Yes, we will mourn the end of this era and it will be very sad. Reebok tried to bring back the pump sneakers and it was like LOL Reebok what are you doing, pal?

In 2016, the content will not be about what the content purports to be about but what the content is not. We will scratch a many surfaces and find a needy, bleeding itch. We will curl up in the puss it exudes and it will be fantastic. We will not hike. We will use or GoPro™ or GoPro-style Lite™ cameras not to transmit reality but to capture a scene which we can transform into a fiction later. It need not be thought out––just as 'falling off a bridge' is certainly not 'thought out'––2016 will be about editing.

However, if the future and correct trajectory of content creation is clear, the future of content consumption is not. One can almost definitely assume a content farm like BoingBoing will become increasingly irrelevant, as their model is not set up to withstand this climate change^.

Mr. Thomas iɡˈzo͞od'd friendship and goodwill. Fuck Mr. Thomas.

I'm sorry, Mr. Thomas. I didn't mean that.


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