IDK who wrote this garbage piece of content and I am pretty sure there is no way of finding out. But allow me to be the first person to say a gigantic "suck it" to this individual.

All this talk about the "currency of the realm" is so medieval. Content isn't dogecoins or anything like that (currency = currency : content ≠ currency : content = [something akin to a modern-times religion]). What is content if not the lifeblood of a civilization? Without the content how would we know what to write or what to make? No one has ever created anything inside a vacuum that wasn't a dust-bunny and dust-bunnies aren't adding to the content machine.

Mostly I'm just sick of the #LIES. Content ain't a disease, it's a motherfucking cure. The disease is not having any blogs to read (See: third world countries, etc.)––maybe if a poor peasant-type person had an internet connection, he would be inspired to pick up the content-creating pen instead of that farmer's rake? Makes you think.