I try not to get caught up in college athletic recruiting because it seems like the stupidest thing a sports fan/human can do with their free time. Essentially, it boils down to watching and reading about children who are good at football and basketball and trying to rank them against the other children who are also good at football and basketball and then getting really upset or really excited about what college they do or don't decide to attend.

That being said, it appears my alma mater snagged perhaps their best recruit in the history of either sport (again, that is to say, as with every speck of recruiting news in the history of recruiting news: on paper). Corey Sanders, an incoming freshman from Florida, has highlight reels with millions of views on YouTube, was endorsed by John Wall and generally seems like the type of prospect Rutgers has struggled to get the attention of, let alone actually sign. He's the type of athlete that garners insane YouTube comments like the one above. He has cool hair.

From what I saw last season, Eddie Jordan is a horrendous basketball coach. But it appears he can recruit, which––to a lot of folks––is the only thing that really matters. Whether or not these children develop into successful adult athletes doesn't seem to be the point. The game for this segment of college sports fans is arguing over the potential. It's always seemed dumb to me, but maybe I'm biased because my school has always been so bad at it. Maybe this is where it's really at.


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