I used to watch John & Kate Plus 8.

I wouldn't say I was obseessed with it, necessarily, but I did watch it a lot. This was ~2007-2009. I've always wanted to make a concept album about / utilizing media from Season 4 (the season with the most episodes, 41). The album would be called John & Kate Plus 8, Season 4 and it would have 41 experimental tracks, utilizing sound from each episode. The titles of the songs would be the same as the titles of the episodes, so:

1. Boys Day Out
2. Girls Day Out
3. Gosselin Family Movie Night
4. Sextuplets Turn 4!
5. Korean Dinner
6. Embarrassing & Favorite Moments
7. Sunny Day
8. All Aboard
9. Heading South
10. Wild Horses

11. Beach Trip
12. July 4th Celebrations
13. Kate's Labor Day
14. Backyard Campout
15. Sight and Sound
16. More Viewer F.A.Q.
17. Picture Perfect
18. Mr. Mom
19. Back to School
20. Baseball Game with Daddy

21. Hawaii, Here We Come
22. Legos & Safaris
23. Leis & Luaus
24. For Better or Worse
25. Yard Sale
26. It's a Book!
27. Twins Are Mommy For a Day
28. Giving Back
29. Soup and a Surprise
30. All Smiles

31. All You Wanted to Know
32. The New House
33. The Big Move
34. Walk in the Woods
35. Home Sweet Home
36. Puppies!
37. Bye Old House
38. Trip to the Vet
39. Slopes, Sleds, and Sesame
40. B-Ball & More
41. Family Outing

I feel like these songs would be on the long side (10+ minutes each?), so a four-disc set is not out of the question. "Wild Horses" would have to illegally sample the Rolling Stones of course. I should probably just drop everything and make this.


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