Dan Davies - Wave of Mutilation (Pixies cover).mp3

Daniel Davies, son of The Kinks’ Dave Davies and godson of legendary composer/director John Carpenter, teamed with composer Sebastian Robertson to cover Pixies’ “Wave of Mutilation” for the film [Sharknado 3]. Go ahead and re-read that sentence, we’ll wait. [Source.]
I listened twice and can say that, by and large, this cover is a disaster. "Wave of Mutilation" is as close to a perfect song as there is (imo), and I actually had a dream last night where I asked Frank Black if he would play the original Doolittle version and not the slower UK version. The dream is unrelated to this cover version being bad but I figured it was an interesting aside. Jesus, this is so bad. I'm not a fan of folks leveling nepotism charges right and left, but am unsure there's a better angle in this case^ .


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