This is a building across the street from where my sister lives. I was street-viewing her area, as I plan to run from the Back Bay train station (Boston) to her neighborhood, and I live to street-view the hell out of paths I'm unfamiliar with before I traverse them^. Anyway, you'll notice in this gif that there is a different political sign in the same lawn when I changed position ever so slightly within Google Map's Street View.

Did this person have a sudden change of heart or were these images taken one, two, maybe four years apart? I can't pretend I understand how Street View works, other than creepy cars drive by with cameras every once in awhile. I dunno. It's just something that caught my eye and seemed worth sharing on this blog.

Sometimes, I wonder why I even have this blog so this post would be the answer to that question^.


I'll be in New England this weekend for Boston Calling Spring 2015 (schedule below).


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