I totally missed this recent drama^. As someone who got a lot out of Goldsmith's Uncreative Writing, I feel conflicted about the whole thing. At the very least, there seems to have been choices made in the organization/presentation of the piece which are impossible to defend.

On the other hand, I am also a fan of Cassandra Gillig, a fellow Rutgers person. (Her most popular thing was probably her "Drake Feat. Frank O’Hara" project.) Cassandra's Twitter account was suspended in the wake of the above exchange^. Her final burn, however, is absolutely perfect and I had to blog it.

Hopefully when the video is released this will all be cleared up totally 100%, and the 'art' will shine bright like a diamond as it was intended to do. Oh right, he requested that they squash the video. This is #Spygate all over again.


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