yyyeah, never really developed a taste for Beck. the only track I’ve heard that I really liked was ‘Debra’, but even then, I think it’s kinda stupid. have never really understood the appeal, other than that if you are into dudes he’s really pretty. he gets some nice soundscapes going at times, but ugh, the, uh, ‘rapping’, or whatever it is, that was his shtick when he got huge, is not at all good rapping. [Source.]
Opinions done been had, son!

The only major quibble I have with that list is that Mellow Gold is WAY too low. Criminally low. Without putting a ton of thought into it, here's my Top 12:

12. Golden Feelings
11. Stereopathetic Soulmanure
10. Morning Phase
9. The Information
8. Modern Guilt
7. One Foot in the Grave
6. Guero
5. Odelay
4. Mutations
3. Midnite Vultures
2. Mellow Gold
1. Sea Change

What's up with his obsession with the letter M? Everyone's out to get you, MOTHERFUCKER!!


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