Super Bowl prop bets 2015 [UPDATE]

Here is my annual list of dumb Super Bowl bets. Every year I spread out $100 on a slew of dumb bets (like if the Patriots score exactly 11 points, I win $300). It should be noted that if the coin toss is heads and I get the game line and over/under correct, I win back my money + ~$30. I have won my money back and then some like three of the last four years. My best props day ever was the Niners-Ravens Super Bowl, when I better than doubled my money. Anyway, good luck out there, stay safe, and GO 'HAWKS!

UPDATE: I think I'm finally over my "Super Bowl XLIX final play"-related depression. No need to add anything more about FinalPlayGate. Let's talk about my how my prop bets did.

I smattered $100 out on 25 different bets. $40 of that was on the coin toss ("tails" for the second year in a row––I always choose "heads"), and a parlay on the line/over-under (I was wrong on both accounts but wasn't it oh-so-oh close!). So with $60 spread around 23 mostly low-risk/high-reward plays, I'm pleased I came out of the fray up $55 (Note: My "1st Pats TD = Jonas Gray" prop was no-actioned because he was inactive).

My two biggest hits by far were "Seattle total team rushing yards = 161-170" (final tally was 162 yards––they got it on the Lynch run before the INT––and bet paid $40 on $5) and "Russell Wilson total completions = 12" (seems like that should've paid out more than 20-1, but I netted $40 on $2).

So where does that leave me?

As I usually do, I recoup my money back on these Super Bowl props. My thinking is, if I'm lucky enough to be in the black, then I should request a check from Sportsbook immediately. And so I am waiting on one in the amount of $105.10, thank you very much.

Sing it from the hills! "If your SB props leave you in the black, don't be an ass and get a check back!"

Now I have exactly $50 in my account. And tonight––Wednesday, February the 4th––I have this $5 parlay working:

Ideally, I want to start doing a daily sports bet post on this site, and it would be lovely to have some dough to work with. We'll see what happens. I feel as good about this 3-team road warrior bet as any sane, rational person realistically should. I just need a -1.5 hockey play to hit and the juggernaut Hawks to lose on their home court. NBD.

I wore a San Jose Sharks baseball hat as kid, you know.


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