On the time Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes's daughter tried to DM me on Twitter

I actually don't think I have too much more to add here. Classic "boy-meets-Lisa 'Left Eye' Lopes's daughter on Twitter" story, I guess. Went down a little something like this...

1. I did a harmless tweet (since deleted account)
2. Someone purporting to be Left Eye's daughter (Nova Lopes) retweeted the tweet and also @-replied me with a mysterious ellipsis.
3. I @-replied to ellipsis tweet with a simple, friendly, "sup."
4. Then the above interaction took place.

Part of me wanted to follow through this to see if she was actually going to DM me anything of interest. But because she hadn't followed me, so maybe she was just trolling for followers?

IDK... always the bridesmaid...


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