If you're an SNL fan, do yourself a favor and read this curated stream of Norm MacDonald tweets about #SNL40 (via Deadspin) and this ridiculous Rolling Stone list ranking every cast member ever.

I vaguely recall enjoying Rob Sheffield's work at RS (back when I was a subscriber over a decade ago, AKA a child). But this oversight/screwup is more than a simple gaff. He's outed himself as someone who doesn't get MacDonald's genius (slyly evident in that tweet stream^, FWIW) and–– ∴ ––comedy in general? (And the "Dennis Miller clone" comparison? That doesn't even make sense. Night and day, those two.)

Anyway, this is a good excuse to post one of the funniest bits of comedy ever: Norm's ESPY monologue from 1998.


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