I stumbled upon this image whilst doing research for this blog post and I am very pleased that I did. So... What is McCol?

This vaguely racist 'soda review' has 32K views and that is depressing as shit. But what really intrigued me was the barley flourish in the logo design. From another (non-vlog) 'soda review':
The sprig of wheat (or barley maybe?) on the can isn't just a design flourish--it is essentially wheat-flavored soda. I consider myself an open-minded snacker, always trying to expand my snacking horizons, but even I was wary to try McCol. Based on everything I knew about the soda, I figured I wouldn't like it. The idea of wheat soda just doesn't appeal to me. Before I tried it, I thought, "You know? This is probably going to taste terrible. But it's cheap. And it's everywhere, so someone must like it. I'll give it a shot." [Source.]
The most interesting part of this is that I am only writing a blog post because I was looking for dorky Google glass prototypes. What is the link between Korean wheat soda and that?

The answer... There is no link. Life is meaningless.


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