20 six-line poems

Exactly that.

1: Red Room

a lady of the night
inserts red
upon command
and the wall is the face of a mountain
shouting hello
and also goodbye

2: Apologies

the cargo of time
tumbles nimbly
on the sunrise
while the burnout regret
leaves sad stains
in porcelain hate

3: Balloons

lost children
still love balloons
even if their scabby hands
aren't attached
and the air is
born again

4: Dog Astronaut

in a subway tunnel
on the wall
exists art 
for the sake of seeing
born animals
return to space please

5: Almost Home

when I heard
the unfortunate
oh no maybe you have
cop blood
it is ok
we are almost home

6: Not My Nightmare No

was a sucker
for brutal instruction
in the passersby
death mode 
an unwavering slow
soft fading light

7: From Afar

there is not going to be
a consistency
when you look
to capture
you already failed
but that you tried

8: Nonsense Belongs to Everyone

never coattail
an idea
in a full sprint
but actually
do this
all the time

9: Playful Dark (i)

I would not want
to give away the ending
asylum grows
so who gives
a shit

10: Something Past

when we 
consider that man
builds things
it is only right to
spin in a circle
until you pass out

11: Playful Dark (ii)

we can walk
on the hardwood
and notice
certain scratches
god came in forms
like a mutant to scare

12: Playful Dark (iii)

in an uneven edge
wallowing under
the wide divide
between art
and painlessness 

13: Get Paid Daily!

follow your heart
from home
to a different space
don't red go
or leave behind
the numbers

14: My Foot

my foot
as a season inside itself
barks at the building
where my arms
amputated so sad

15: Water Sound Image

people as blurs
thinking of lunch
but the water
in the fountain
is the piss
of ancient ghosts

16: New Business at Dusk

a walking bridge
is constructed
so people
don't get squished dead
by cars
and can't conduct business

17: Transformation

a poem about
people looking at paintings
a poem about
people with
spongebob squarepants bags

18: Pagans

take advantage
of any offer
but especially the
death glow
riding high
on the eternal american highway

19: Look at Me

a simple tale
of a boy
on a wall
in a red vest
who is scared and needy
just like everybody else

20: Dakota Eye Scuzz

playful everything
in a digital forest
is plant life
for the vegan doorknob
my mom
repairs the microwavable god


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