Long-ass comment on a Taylor Swift Instagram post written by this person.

Hi taylor,i know you'll be busy and never read this but for Once in a lifetime I'm gonna take the risk because im just tired of hiding myself and never been capable and brave to follow my dreams always use to be the invisible and weird that nobody can't notice so for that reason i decided to tell you bc you're the only one i have, I'm 16 years old I'm from Colombia,i use to stay all day im my room hearing music your music to be honest and i write songs too bc you inspire me but that songs has been in the corner of a box bc nobody knows that i write them and sing when im alone, my parents think that im crazy that music doesn't help me to survive in a future somehow they feels disappointed of me and that's the most hurts bc i wanna do what i love and that they feel proud of me i know they wants the best for me and theyove me ...i just ask a little bit of support from them and maybe someday someone will believe in me, i'm so insure im keep quite silence all people think that im weird just because i'm different, i don't wanna that you feel shame for me i just wanna be heard and i'm praying God that you see this because all around me been ignore me i would love if you could give me an advice i asked an advice to my mom and she told me that i should leave of dreaming and leave the fantasy but i wanna be strong brave and fearless as much as you been and all the amazing things that you do ,maybe like you once said"someday I'll be living in a big old city and all you're ever gonna be is mean " and don't get me down the dirty cheaps of the world,hope you see this I'll be thankful and blessed thanks for inspire me be my example,my role model my best friend my idol i love you God bless you...xx


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