Sea of Bliss: The Cassette Tape Anthology [JDLUSA011]

༺ the 11th album ༻
RELEASED: 03.09.15
191 TRACKS – 301::36


LINER NOTES: This is the anthology to end all anthologies. Culled from over a dozen tapes and condensed onto three (see 3-cassette tape track-by-track breakdown here), this is beyond unnecessary. Really. And now, finally, it has been transferred from shitty cassette to shitty digital. It only took 750 man hours to convert these 5+ hours of insanely lo-fi music. There are a ton of people on these tapes who I've know over the years, too many (10?) to name. The only one who I will point out specifically is my dearly departed Aunt Lil, who makes a vocal cameo on Track 16 of the first tape (my 'cover' of the 2001: A Space Odyssey theme). This is just an exhausting (recorded between 1995-2008) and long (over 300 minutes) pile of poo.

All songs written by JDL
except: "We Three Kings of Orient Are"
(Reverend John Henry Hopkins, Jr.)
"2001" (Richard Strauss)
"Uptown Girl (Pow Remix)" (Billy Joel/Beastie Boys)
"America the Beautiful" (Bates/Ward)
"The Star Spangled Banner" (Francis Key Scott)


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